Core Principles of Jeetbuzz

Terms and Conditions are a set of rules developed by Jeetbuzz BD to govern activities on the official web page, Jeetbuzz app, and mobile version of the site. This institution is managed by Aurora Holdings N.V. and licensed by the foreign government of Curacao under registration number 157258. Therefore, customers can rest assured that the main terms and conditions comply with international and Bangladeshi gambling laws.

Before starting to play on the official website, each player should carefully study the main provisions of this document and related agreements, such as the privacy policy and responsible gaming. If the user does not agree with the points of at least one of the documents, he should immediately leave the platform.
Jeetbuzz has the right to change the provisions of the terms, add new ones, or remove irrelevant ones. At the same time, the organization undertakes to notify all players promptly so that no disputes arise. If the client does not understand any changes or he has objections, then he can contact customer support at

Jeetbuzz Terms and Conditions

User Responsibilities

When creating a Jeetbuzz profile, the client agrees to be bound by the following obligations:

  • It is forbidden to create an account for minors. The minimum age allowed is 18 years old. In addition, some countries allow a different age of legal age to access gambling. The client must independently track this moment. 
  • The client must be aware of the law in the field of gambling in the territory of his residence. Therefore, the client is responsible for ensuring that his gaming activity is legal. 
  • The client can make money transactions only if he created an account that meets the basic rules and is verified by the institution’s employees. 
  • The client is responsible for ensuring that there is no conflict of interest while playing or betting. 
  • The activity of the user on the platform is carried out as a private person. You may not use products and services as an agent of another company or on behalf of a third party. 
  • The client must conduct only lawful activities in the institution, not trying in any way to undermine or disrupt the operation of the official website. 
  • The user makes all payments in good faith, not trying to profit from it or deceive the institution by canceling the transaction.

Create a Profile

In order to access services and products, bonuses and make transactions, the user must go through the registration process. This procedure also has its own rules:

  • If the institution sees the new user as a threat to the security of other customers and the functioning of the platform, then the management may refuse to create a profile for the person.
  • Anyone wishing to create an account must fill in all empty fields with complete and truthful information. Moreover, it is important to read all documents and agreements and confirm your agreement with them.
  • The Organization may from time to time conduct due diligence on the client. After registration, you will need to provide a certifying document to verify all the information.
  • One person can create only one profile in this gambling establishment. Otherwise, you will be blocked.
  • The client is obliged to provide a login and a complex password, which he will keep secret. In the event of information leakage, the user should immediately contact the support service.

Deposit and Withdrawal

While playing for real money in Jeetbuzz, the client makes a deposit and withdraws money. Certain rules apply to these procedures:

  • Making a transaction is possible only when using those payment methods that are available in this organization.
  • Replenishment of the account or withdrawal of funds is possible only in the currency that was specified during registration. Otherwise, the amount will be converted according to the exchange rate of your bank.
  • Deposits and withdrawals may be subject to commissions and fees depending on the conditions of your bank.
  • You cannot use on the platform the money that was obtained dishonestly.
  • You cannot use the company as a place for money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing.
  • To withdraw funds, the institution has the right to request the necessary evidence of your connection with the payment method.

Crashes and Errors

For several reasons, the official web page may function incorrectly, resulting in errors and failures. In this case, Jeetbuzz has its own rules to regulate the situation.

If there are errors or failures in the system, all bets will be void. In this case, the client must immediately report any malfunctions to the support service. However, if the error is the result of bad internet, your use of antivirus, and other tools, the company is not responsible for any damages.

The organization may void any bet that has been erroneously calculated. Here, the average market coefficient, the initial payout amount, and so on are taken into account. At the same time, Jeetbuzz takes all necessary measures in order to prevent errors and malfunctions.


Customers have the right to ask questions and send comments, objections, and suggestions to customer support at To do this, the user must specify the subject of the letter and state the essence of the issue in detail.

The organization, in turn, must respond to a request to a registered e-mail address within 24 hours. All answers are provided in writing and English.

Fraud and Money Laundering

Jeetbuzz is not a place for financial crimes. The institution is taking the necessary measures in order to control the situation and monitor the suspicious activity of customers.

At the same time, the company has the right to apply to law enforcement agencies and obtain criminal sanctions against those players who use the official website for illegal purposes. In this case, the organization will block your account and the ability to perform banking transactions.

Intellectual Property

In order not to make a mistake regarding Jeetbuzz property, you need to know that this includes:

  • Jeetbuzz is a registered trademark, the illegal use of which is prohibited. This may lead to litigation.
  • The URL is also owned by the organization and may not be used by the user for commercial purposes.
  • The Client may not use images, statistics, and information located on the web page for commercial purposes.
  • The client cannot use images, statistics, and information for discrediting the company’s honor.

Violation of Terms and Conditions

Depending on the severity of the violation, the company may decide to temporarily block or completely terminate the profile. The client will be notified in advance of this decision, indicating the reason. In particularly severe cases, such as money laundering or the use of intellectual property, Jeetbuzz may contact law enforcement and seek legal action.