Know Your Customer Policy

Jeetbuzz has thousands of Bangladeshi players who create accounts every year. To maintain a safe environment on the platform, as well as prevent illegal activities, the organization uses a know your customer policy. This policy’s instruments are used when the deposit amount exceeds 25,000 Bangladeshi Taka or when withdrawing any amount. The main steps for the successful completion of this procedure are:

  • Take a photo of a document that proves your identity. In addition, this document must contain your photo.
  • You must take a selfie with a document that proves your identity.
  • You must provide a bank statement or paid utility bill.

Employees who deal with customer identification within 24 hours will process the data that you uploaded and send you an e-mail message based on the results of the analysis. Your documents will be approved, rejected, or sent for correction.

At the same time, any client, before the official confirmation of the account, receives temporary permission, which provides the following rights:

  • Full use of the official www Jeetbuzz website.
  • Making a deposit in the amount of not more than 500 Bangladeshi taka.
  • Inability to withdraw winnings.

Jeetbuzz KYC Policy


Successful completion of the procedure “know your customer” includes several stages. The main processes and conditions for their passage are described below.


Identification of a person occurs due to a photograph of the corresponding document, where the following data should be reflected:

  • The client must not be a citizen of the USA, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Great Britain, or Spain.
  • The client must be over 18 years of age.
  • The validity of the document should not expire after 3 months.
  • The signature must be clearly visible on the document.
  • The full name in the document must match what the client indicated on the official web page.

Proof of Residence

In order for Jeetbuzz to be sure that the payment method belongs to you, you must provide the following documents:

  • Bank statement or paid utility bill, so that the address is clearly visible.
  • This statement must not be older than 3 months.
  • The name on the statement or invoice must match the one indicated in the identity document.
  • The client cannot be a resident of the US, UK, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Cyprus, or Northern Ireland.

Selfie with a Document

In order to complete this procedure, the following requirements must be met:

  • The selfie and photo in the document must be of the same person.
  • Taking selfies is allowed only with the document whose data you provided for personal identification.


After completing all the procedures, the client should remember the following points:

  • In case of unsuccessful completion of the procedure, the client will be sent an e-mail with the reasons for rejecting the application.
  • The client can correct all errors and submit documents again.
  • The client is prohibited from transferring money from his gaming account to another user.