Privacy Policy: Basic Provisions

Jeetbuzz highly respects the safety of the players and makes every effort to ensure that the players’ stay on the official website is comfortable, and private data is securely stored. The organization has developed a privacy policy that explains why and how customers’ personal information is collected and analyzed. In addition, the company never hides the true goals of the policy and provides players with the right to familiarize themselves with the main provisions.

Before deciding to create a profile on this platform, you should read this document in its entirety. Those persons who do not agree with the privacy policy must immediately leave the official web page and may not use the services of Jeetbuzz. At the same time, if you still create an account, you automatically confirm your agreement with the current agreement.

Periodically authorized employees review the provisions of this policy and, if necessary, correct or remove them. In this case, all players will be notified in advance of the upcoming changes.

If you have any questions about this agreement, you can always contact customer support at

Jeetbuzz Privacy Policy: Basic Provisions

Categories of Information

As you use Jeetbuzz services, the organization receives the necessary information about you. This data is divided into several broad categories, each of which differs in its way of collection.

Identification Information

When you become a Jeetbuzz customer, the organization needs to identify you in order to provide you with a full range of services, as well as to ensure the safety of other customers. This category includes the following items:

  • Full name of the client;
  • E-mail address;
  • Mobile number;
  • residential address;
  • Identity documents;
  • Information about the payment method;
  • Transaction history.

As a rule, this information is obtained by the institution in the following ways:

  • Filling in empty fields during the registration process.
  • Providing data at the request of the company.
  • Contacting customer support.

Call recording

If a customer contacts customer service via a phone call, then for security reasons all conversations are recorded. This is necessary to resolve disputes.

Additional data

Sometimes customers may decide to participate in some promotions from Jeetbuzz. In this case, the company may use your secret details to grant access to the promotion.


This is a special type of file that is automatically installed in your browser when you visit the official website. Cookies track your preferences and help improve the organization’s performance.

Reasons for Obtaining Data

The organization collects and analyzes customer details only for lawful purposes:

  • To provide users with access to services and products.
  • To fulfill the institution’s legal obligations.
  • Prevention of financial crimes, money laundering, and other illegal activities.
  • Development of a marketing strategy based on player preferences.
  • Analysis of the company’s activities and improvement of its functioning.

Benefits and Rights of Clients

In the privacy policy, clients have several rights that allow them to better understand the company’s reasons and remain in a healthy relationship with the institution:

  • The client can indicate to the support service that the existing data about him is no longer relevant and request that they be corrected. In this case, the company may require appropriate evidence.
  • The client can make a request in order to find out what specific information is stored in the database of the institution.
  • Under certain circumstances, which do not affect the legitimate interests of Jeetbuzz, the client may request that certain details be removed from the database.


The Jeetbuzz database is a secure location that is password protected. Moreover, all information that gets there is encrypted using SSL ciphers. The organization also tries to ensure that all partners, affiliated members, and other agents also apply appropriate security measures.

Third-Party Resources

The official web page may contain links to other sources for which Jeetbuzz is not responsible. The institution has no control over the security systems and other guarantees of third parties. Therefore, the client is solely responsible for when he accesses these pages and must be aware of all the risks that may be associated with the processing of data.